April 2024 – Agri PV project in Belgium

Very soon we will start construction of a new agricultural PV project. It concerns 8000 m2. Beautiful blueberries will grow under the solar panels!

Jan 2024 – Green Meteor timeline

Jan 2024 – Strawberry Day

The Strawberry Day (January 10) and the International Soft Fruit Conference (January 11) are back on the agenda. The National Strawberry Day in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a great opportunity to network and be updated on current topics, results and themes in one day.


Oct 2023 – Researchers see a future for agricultural solar parks

Solar parks and agriculture do not have to be next to each other. It is possible to combine both functions on the same plot, write researchers from Wageningen University & Research and Renergize Consultancy.

Researchers see a future for agricultural solar parks, but also challenges – WUR

Sept 2023 – Agri PV strawberry pilot Thwan van Gennip

The strawberry pilot at grower Thwan van Gennip, like all Green Meteor pilots, is growing steadily and new results increase Agri PV knowledge.

To make it very comfortable for the summer wrens, a ventilation system was added to the project last year. Both heating and cooling can be controlled with this.

Finding the right configuration such as placement, position and height of the solar panels is very important for the growth of the strawberries. It provides new insights every year.