Technic (eng)

How do we proceed

First of all, a design is made based on the dimensions of the plot, where depending on the location, which crop and the AC/DC trajectory, is determined where the paths will run.

The structure is placed without the use of concrete surface.

The galvanized screw anchors are turned fully automatically into the ground, so that the screw posts are in exactly the right place, correct height and level.

Project under construction where the screw anchors are placed.

The specially designed support profile for fixing the panels is made on the location by a mobile rolling machine,
on site in lengths up to a maximum of 200 meters. Produced in one piece without joins.

As in a result, less transport is needed, and significant savings can be made on construction hours.

Easy mounting of the panels in the specially designed profile.

The structure distinguishes itself by the very quick and precise construction with a maximum height of 2.5 meters.

Download our technical flyer.