Points of attention!


  • The construction-design will be adjusted to different setups of both panels as well as the crops underneath.
  • The structure is not only used for mounting the panels but also for supporting the crops or cultivation systems.
  • The structure can be adjusted to different crop handling and crop logistics that must take place.
  • By the use of a water collection gutter, (part of the construction) the rainwater is captured. The captured water is used for irrigation of the crops underneath. No water is lost as a result.
  • Protection of the crops against increasing extreme weather conditions.
  • By use of screw posts, which are rotated into the ground, we can limit depth. This makes archaeology less disturbed.

Vegetation under the panels:

  • Double function of the ground (win/win situation), no fertile soil is taken out of production.
  • On poor soils biodiversity is stimulated.
  • By sowing of the flower mixture the insect life is stimulated.
  • The soil will not be left “exhausted” at the end of the lifespan of the solar park.
  • The vegetation under the panels uses nitrogen ad CO2, what would otherwise end up in the environment.
  • Because the is really green electricity it has a positive effect for the GVO.

Integration in the scenery:

  • No big reflecting “tables” what is being looked at.
  • Due to the flat arrangement (40 cm) with panels on height there can easily be looked underneath which gives an open effect.
  • Besides, the vegetation under the panels is clearly visible which benefits the natural feeling.